About Our Firm

Wilborn-Brock & Associates, Inc.

Professional, Efficient and Accurate
Affordable Housing Compliance Consultation

Wilborn-Brock is an independent consulting firm specializing in compliance support services to management companies, owners, prospective owners, Housing Authorities and syndicators alike.

Our team has two Housing Compliance Certified Professionals (HCCP), that are also Certified Public Accountants.  All of our auditors have experience in providing audit services prior to working with Affordable Housing Compliance.

We have established an efficient professional approach to conducting audits that has proven successful in providing prompt and accurate reporting. The accounting background of our staff has gives us the ability to accurately conduct file audits, prepare and file reports.

Our file reviews include a report reflecting timely and insightful feedback to on-site personnel giving them the support they need to ensure accurate and timely certification of Low Income Qualified tenants.

We have an established training course that is both educational and engaging. This course is updated prior to every session to stay current with industry changes and can be tailored to the specific needs of your on site personnel.

Whether your Restriction Agreement is for Tax Credits, Bond Financing, or FDIC purchase, we can provide the organization, training and support needed to help you stay in compliance.