Our Services

Wilborn-Brock & Associates, Inc. provides quality Affordable Housing consultation services to the Multi-Family Industry.  Our firm provides on-site monthly monitoring to properties throughout the Metro Atlanta area. 

Our services include full property audits for investors, banks, syndicators and management companies who want to know the level in which a property has complied. 

Wilborn-Brock provides services customized to our clients’ needs.
Our services include:

  • Electronically submitted tenant file reviews:
    This service is perfect for properties desiring a high level of compliance as well as compliance support for their staff.  This services allows the on-site  staff to submit the tenant applications electronically to us for a complete compliance review prior to move in.   We provide review notes, electronically back to staff advising if the file is ‘approved’;  ‘approval is pending’  or ‘unqualified’.  This service allows the opportunity to prevent costly relocations of unqualified tenants and achieves a high level of compliance.  This service can be offered with or without periodic site visits to review new and recertified tenant certifications.

  • On-site monthly monitoring.
    This service includes a periodic (monthly or quarterly) on-site visit to the property where our trained auditors review tenant file certifications and recertification support according to your specific restriction agreement and our specific engagement.  This service includes preparation and filing of the required reports to all parties of the Land Use Restriction Agreement as well as telephone consultation as needed for the property personnel.  We are there with the answers via phone, fax or email to answer your staff's questions.
  • Complete property audits.
    Are you unsure of the compliance status of your property?  Is your firm looking to purchase a property but cannot determine how well it has maintained its affordable housing compliance requirement?  A full property audit may be what you need.  Our firm has the capacity to complete an audit of all or a block of tenant files as required by the owner, trustee, housing authority or investor.  We have established an audit approach that ensures accurate information - efficiently completed. Our audit reports provide a summary of all significant and general findings and includes a separate listing of the auditor’s findings for each individual audited file.  This allows you the opportunity to know the properties' compliance status and can help you in achieving the highest level of compliance you desire.
  • Training Seminars.
    Led by a presenter who is both a Certified Public Accountant and HCCP certified. Our training seminars are updated before every session to include on-going changes within the industry.  Our sessions are interactive and engaging.  We offer both full day and half-day seminars to train management and leasing agents on the compliance requirements of their Affordable Housing agreement.  When training an individual property, we review the Restriction Agreement or Covenant and direct our training examples toward the specifics of this agreement.   We provide training for Bond, Tax Credit and FDIC.  We customize each session to effectively train the audience and their role in the compliance of the agreement.  We have advanced management sessions as well as on-site ‘nuts and bolts’ sessions.  Whether your firm wants to gain a greater understanding of the requirements of on-site compliance or your staff simply needs to better understand their job responsibilities, our firm is here to help yours.